Anthony Breznican
July 09, 2013 AT 05:36 PM EDT

Looks like some of the luster has worn off.

Marvel Studios revealed a new teaser poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a battered and scratched image of the hero’s iconic red, white, and blue shield.

Think of it as a metaphor for the star-spangled hero’s own psyche.

After the patriotic nobility of the first film, set during World War II, the sequel promises to be a grittier, more sinister affair, with Chris Evans’ super-soldier Steve Rogers still adjusting to life in the present-day.

Although the film is still shooting, and won’t be in theaters until next April 4, expect a lot more information about the movie in the weeks ahead as Marvel Studios prepares to showcase its upcoming wares at Comic-Con.

The title refers to a bio-engineered assassin who (as fans of the Ed Brubaker comic series from the past decade are already aware) was once a close friend of Captain America’s. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has described the sequel as an homage to 1970s-style paranoid thrillers, so its reasonable to assume that our hero won’t be sure who — if anyone — he can trust.

Brubaker’s 2004-12 comic book run was notable for challenging Captain America’s feelings about the country he represents. Although his loyalty to the good, ol’ U.S. of A has never been in doubt, he had no qualms about clashing with leaders who would undermine or twist the ideals of the country while veiling their motives in patriotism, of course.

While the paint on that vibranium shield may be battered, there’s never a question about Cap’s true colors. Here’s the full image of the teaser poster.

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