Hillary Busis
July 09, 2013 AT 01:53 PM EDT

New York, New York — it’s a hell of a town! Mind your own business on the R train, and you might just find yourself seated next to a famous musician en route to his final concert at the brand-new Barclays Center — though there’s a chance you may not know that musician’s name.

But since their chance encounter last fall, Ellen Grossman — a “nice old lady” who’s also a fairly famous artist in her own right — has gotten a little more familiar with the work of that friendly young man she met on the subway, a.k.a. Jay-Z.

So naturally, MTV invited her to share her thoughts on her pal Hova’s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail — and naturally, the resulting video is about as charming as could be. “It sounds like he’s really going deep into his heart and into fatherhood and even the meaning of fame,” Grossman said in her initial analysis. “The money’s nice, but there’s life beyond that, that he’s exploring. I picked that up from the papers but I felt it in the man too, when I met him. That he had a depth to him.”

For more of Grossman’s thoughts — as well as some truly GIF-worthy footage of her in enormous headphones — check out the full video below. You can come dancing with us anytime, Ellen.

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