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'Degrassi' turns 13: Sneak a peek at the premiere -- EXCLUSIVE

Degrassi Clip

(Teen Nick)

T-minus one day until Degrassi’s triumphant return to TeenNick! Though TV’s greatest Canadian import is heading into its 13th season, it shows no signs of slowing down – expect a new season filled with hookups, breakups, and other capital-D Drama, starting with the scene you’ll see exclusively below.

In it, we catch up with Maya and a newly bleach-blond Tristan, who are getting ready to have the best summer vacation ever – even though one of their pals has apparently been written off the show. (At least there’s a brief explanation for why she’s missing, delivered with typical Degrassi finesse. That’s more than Kendra got!)

Degrassi ‘s 13th season premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.