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David Bowie makes intense eye contact in 'Valentine's Day' video: Watch it here

Truth time: After the epic, arty awesomeness of Bowie’s last couple of videos, we were expecting a little more more in his new clip for “Valentine’s Day.”

“The Stars Are Out Tonight,” an early video of the The Next Day cycle, was a cool concept piece featuring no less than the Oscar-winning Tilda Swinton, while the NSFW one for “The Next Day” included not only Gary Oldman and (yep, Oscar-winning) Marion Cotillard but also some compellingly wacky Christian imagery. Bowie’s latest, however, is much simpler, featuring little more than the singer, his guitar, and those famously mismatched eyes peering into your soul.

But perhaps the stripped-down approach is for the best, considering that the lovely “Valentine’s Day” is one of the stronger cuts off the album anyway. Besides, Bowie alone is more than enough to make us happy! Take a look at the new video below and let us know if you agree: