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Hillary Busis
July 18, 2013 AT 05:17 PM EDT

As it turns out, parties at Jon Hamm’s house are just as awesome as you’ve always dreamed they would be. “It was just like, really crazy famous people everywhere,” Bill Hader says, describing a shindig that the Mad Men star hosted after emceeing the ESPYS last night.

“For about an hour, it felt like a Vanity Fair Oscar party: ‘Oh, there’s Tom Cruise talking to Ben Affleck, and there’s Eric… Schmidt. You know?” Hader says, laughing. (No, we do not know.) “And you’re just kind of hugging the food area, standing there with some hors d’oeuvres, just like, ‘Oh my God, there’s a lot of people here.'”

As the father of two young kids, Hader is usually a homebody — but he attended the post-ESPYS party yesterday on a whim: “I was like, ‘I got nothing. I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow.'”

Little did he know how wrong he was. At the crack of dawn this morning, Hader learned that he had snagged an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. It’s his second nod for his work on Saturday Night Live, as well as his fourth nomination overall. (Hader won a statuette once, in 2009, for his work on South Park. Oh — and party host Hamm got another nomination this morning too.)

Though Hader officially announced last spring that he was leaving NBC’s sketch series, he says he didn’t really think about how this would be his last chance to win Emmy gold for his role on the show. “If I thought about it, I would go insane,” he explains.

And to be honest, Hader hasn’t even really processed the fact that his SNL days are through. “My last show … it was just like any other show, [where] on the car ride home, you go, ‘Was that good? Did that work?’ Now I realize that was a defense mechanism,” he says. “I hear from other friends who have been on the show and left [that] it’s really going to be in September when it hits you. You’re like, ‘It’s September, and I don’t have to buy school clothes anymore.'”

At least Hader went out on a high note — specifically, a cameo-stuffed tribute to his beloved character Stefon. An event that huge takes careful planning — in this case, a year’s worth: “That was something that John Mulaney and I actually talked about about a year ago, when we were writing another Stefon thing,” says Hader. Stefon running off to get married, Seth Meyers running after him, a church filled with creatures from New York’s hottest clubs — it was all hashed out in 2012.

Then, on the Sunday before this year’s season finale, Mulaney and Hader met up to discuss Stefon’s final appearance — “and it was like, ‘Duh, we already came up with that.'” Too bad they didn’t think to set the whole thing at the House of Hamm.

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