Grady Smith
July 18, 2013 AT 06:03 PM EDT

Comic-Con 2013 has officially begun, and although Summit is still dealing with that whole Orson Scott Card boycott debacle, the studio is also shifting Ender’s Game‘s marketing campaign into high gear. A new viral clip recently hit the web that features Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff delivering a message on behalf of the International Fleet. “Let the courage of Mazer Rackham be your inspiration,” he says.

In the universe of Ender’s Game, Rackham (Ben Kingsley) is revered as a legendary military commander (Mild spoilers ahead) who’s thought to be dead but becomes an important mentor in Ender’s training. Check out the clip below:

I’m still wondering when Summit will start to communicate Ender’s manipulation in its marketing materials. To me, that’s a far more compelling story than a CGI intergalactic alien war.

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