Jacqueline Andriakos
July 18, 2013 AT 05:06 PM EDT

“I’m a bit of a badass, I guess,” says Puma Cabra, 38, Naked and Afraid’s next male contestant. He better be. The Nevada native and his female partner-in-“grime,” 30-year-old Julie Wright from Washington, will be tossed buck naked into the unrelenting jungles of Sabah, Borneo.

Puma doesn’t seem too afraid of the dangers that the jungle will certainly offer up. Self-identified as an “expert outdoorsman” and “maverick,” he credits a scary seven-day snowboarding misadventure that left him trapped and food-less in the backcountry as the moment he decided to learn the necessary survival skills.

Wilderness teacher Julie seems equally as confident in conquering the wild. The 6’4″ free-spirited woman is anxious to be mooned marooned with her counterpart saying, “I can’t wait to actually get to meet this guy. Hopefully he’s tall. Hopefully he knows how to hunt and trap.”

The pair will be Discovery Channel’s fifth team to endure the dangers of the new reality program. Naked and Afraid is a weekly hour-long show that redefines the concept of “survival of the fittest.” With no clothing, tools, or first aid, a male and a female contestant brave a new wilderness location each week as total strangers, totally resource-less, and totally nude. If the couple survives 21 days of sickness, starvation, and deadly wildlife, they win… nothing, except the title of “Badass for Life.”

Watch an exclusive clip of Puma and Julie’s first naked encounter below. Fair warning, they are naked, and as such, there is nakedness:

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