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Amanda Taylor
July 24, 2013 AT 04:58 PM EDT

After that lackluster backdoor pilot from last week, I was counting on PLL to show up in a big way this week. The opening sequence was meh — until it cut to the Boyfriends. The music, and all the work they’ve done piecing together the giant puzzle that the rest of us have been running to keep up with made me really pumped. Then Toby said “let’s get started,” and I thought “it kind of looks like you already did!”

Happy Tuesday, Liars.

I liked seeing each of the girls interacting with their own families — in positive, supportive ways. Especially the exchange between the Marins about what Ashley will wear to court, which was just exactly something those two would discuss. I think the girls give their families way too little credit and always hope they will include them in their lives more.

Toby and Caleb teaming up to solve the mystery of A and Red Coat is just filling me with glee. They both believe in their girlfriends so fully, and obviously love them enough to go through all the trouble of putting their heads together to end A’s reign of terror. I will have to come up with a name for this delightful duo …

Hanna is either brave or crazy, showing up at school. Luckily Fitz is there (perfect, wonderful Fitz) to make sure she feels comfortable — he even excuses her from an assignment. Plus, she made a Hogwarts joke, so maybe she’s actually okay? I mean, after that encounter with Mr. (what is his name?) and Aria on the stairs, I would’ve ditched school. Why did he stand over her for so long, looking down at her (awesome dress) and firing off so many questions? Creepy. Also, what sister is going to rat out her little brother to an overlord like Mr. What’s-His-Name?

Was anyone else as relieved as I to hear Aria just tell her dad the TRUTH for once? Ah! I know the show is called Pretty Little LIARS, but I think maybe the girls should try a little more transparency. Just for a minute.

Manicure Watch: Classic black on a Hanna in mourning — the perfect fit.

So at this point, with Ashley’s life on the line and the legal system involved — wouldn’t it be a good time for everyone to get the facts about A? And all the manipulation and lies and framing that is and has been going on? I refuse to believe that Spencer hasn’t been saving things and creating a case against A. Well, now would be the time to lay it all out – right?

So the plane (just back up and realize we’re dealing with a villain who has a private plane – this show is nuts) apparently was piloted by someone called John Smith (and Caleb is Pocahontas), with no passengers and a destination that did not reflect its touchdown in Thornhill after the fire. How the heck does this dude Nigel at the municipal airport know exactly what the weather conditions were like the night of the fire? Who remembers things like that? OH — obviously people who are in cahoots with A! (My “be suspicious of everyone” motto is paying off in spades this season.)

Ah, this is why we can’t expect the girls to come clean. They’re tampering with evidence and breaking into people’s homes. You know, typical high school activities.

I yelled “ah hah!” when Toby asked about the fog. Maybe Calby/Toleb will let me join their detective agency! The clues also include the suspicious lighter that Toby found when he came to on that fateful night. The NW leads straight back to weather-remembering Nigel at the airport. Unfortunately, they already trusted him with too much. Dang it Calby!

Was Wilden being tortured by A too? He obviously never got the message, but it was surely not the first communication between the mysterious torturer and the “film buff” policeman. Is there anyone in Rosewood A isn’t lording over? Are you all getting boxes of meat and ominous notes from A as well?

Toleb is totally threatening NW and I am totally loving it. Something about those take-charge boys! Forget that Ezra is all “cry on my shoulder!” — Calby is solving problems. There was even a little physicality and some pick-pocketing! Why has it taken so long for this to happen? These two are making my night. Plus adding Spencer to the mix, I’m falling all over myself. Cici is definitely looking guiltier and guiltier – she might even be the blonde that the crazy ex-doctor was referring to when he talked to Toby about his mother’s time at Radley!

More Montgomery bonding, more Fitz to the rescue – who wants to take bets on how long it takes Ezria to get back together?

We are meant to believe that was Jenna talking to Nigel, based on the sunglasses I believe. I can see them together. And he seems extremely nonchalant about losing his phone and giving the girls and their boyfriends so much valuable information. I wouldn’t have recruited someone so careless — and I’m surprised A is being so sloppy.

The big finale was a driverless car coming through the wall of Emily’s house — directly at her mother. It was a cool scene, visually, but I mean … come on. Give us some answers or something! This show is so frustrating! And yet I watch it every week! And I’ll be back this time next Tuesday to see what becomes of Nigel’s phone data, Ashley’s arraignment and obviously the rubble in the Fields’ living room.

Till then, I’ll be dreaming of solving crimes with Caleb and Toby.

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