Jennifer Arellano
July 25, 2013 AT 05:11 PM EDT

In the latest iteration of the action-adventure-reality genre, the CW has a late entry with the new series Capture, a man-versus-man-versus-wild competition set in an Inspector Gadget-like forest compound.

“You will hunt and be hunted. You will remain here for as long as you survive the game.” These are the foreboding words of Captured host  Luke Tipple (also an Australian marine biologist, according to his website ).

The new CW competition series — premiering Tuesday — pits 12 teams of two against each other in an enclosed wilderness compound, where they fight each other, hunger pangs, unfortunate space-agey pantsuits, and bad weather in order to avoid being captured. When two teams are caught, the remaining teams vote to decide who must leave. The prize? $250,000.

Here’s a preview of the show, which looks like a real-life version of The Hunger Games meets The Blair Witch Project, or maybe it’s just the heavy panting and life-or-death-like-gamesman atmosphere?

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