Sheridan Watson
July 25, 2013 AT 05:56 PM EDT

Now that the rumors of Jason Sudeikis leaving Saturday Night Live are confirmed, it’s time for us SNL fans to enter a period of mourning. Sure, he wasn’t always the most consistent performer (we had Bill Hader for that), but Sudeikis was a team player, able to jump into any sketch that needed a little bit of his dry delivery. And now that Hader, Fred Armisen, and Jason Sudeikis are all leaving (and after suffering the blow of Andy Samberg’s departure the year before), it’s hard not to feel sad that another veteran is departing for greener pastures. After all, I’m still torn up about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler moving on.

Ten years — that’s a long time to be on a sketch comedy show and that’s a whole lot of characters to come up with. To honor his departure, let’s count down Sudeikis’ five best characters:

5. Background Dancer on What Up With That. I know, I know: this sketch is a recurring snorefest! But let’s be real, Sudeikis as an overzealous dancer is the best part of this debacle that went on for far too long, willing to pick up the writers’ slack. A for effort.

4. The Devil on Weekend Update. Finally putting a face and a voice to a man that we all know so well! Sudeikis made us realize just how hard it is to be the devil. Bonus points for that suit.

3. Male A-hole. Along with Kristen Wiig, Sudeikis made the ‘Two A-holes” sketch a highlight of the naughts. Whether it was because he chewed his gum that way, defended his ditzygirl or said the word “Babe,” we all soon realized that everyone has met someone like his a-hole.

2. Mitt Romney.  How do you make a vanilla Mormon like Mitt Romney funny? Easy, just get Sudeikis on the job. Unlike the 2008 election, the Obama-Romney showdown was pretty tame. Sudeikis, however, still managed to work out Romney’s flaws in a non-offensive way — even when he was getting drunk off of milk.

1. Joe Biden. Some people might think that Sudeikis’ Romney impression is more on point. However, his Biden-look gives him a bit of an edge. Always playing Biden as a bit of a buffoon, Sudeikis committed, and it paid off.

So what do you think, PopWatchers? Which Sudeikis character is your favorite?

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