John Alex Maguire/Rex USA
Sheridan Watson
July 26, 2013 AT 04:06 PM EDT

Ah, Beanie Babies. One second they’re the coolest possible items to own and the next they’re just a collection of colorful stuffed animals that can take up way too much space in your home. When did it all go wrong? Remember the good ol’ days, when the size of your Beanie Baby collection was an indicator of just how rich you were going to be in the future? In ten or twenty years, those bad boys were going to sell for thousands!

Yeah, it didn’t really happen like that — something that the Robinson family knows all too well. Back in the Beanie Babies prime, the Robinson clan spent $100,000 on Beanie Babies, thinking that the investment would pay back big time in the future. Their son, Chris Robinson, decided to direct a short documentary on the family’s struggles for one of his college film classes.

If you’re in the mood for a walk down memory lane, check out the trailer below. And remember kids: Collecting trends come and go, but collecting coins are forever.

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