Hillary Busis
July 26, 2013 AT 02:16 PM EDT

Just call him Heisenbergayev.

In Cold Comes the Night — previously known as Eye of Winter — a down-on-her-luck single mom (Alice Eve) finds herself entangled with a stone-cold Russian gangster who’s going blind (Bryan Cranston). He’s looking for a big bundle of cash — and if Eve doesn’t help him find it, the ruskie promises to “put bullet” in her little girl’s ear.

Can the blond find a way to save herself and her daughter — possibly by breaking bad? We’ll find out in this latest film from Tze Chun, writer and director of the 2009 festival darling Children of Invention. (He also wrote an episode of the Sex and the City knockoff Cashmere Mafia. The more you know!)

Cold Comes the Night hits theaters in the UK Sept. 20; it will open in the U.S. later this fall.

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