Grady Smith
July 26, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

R.I.P.D. and Turbo both misfired on opening weekend — a common occurrence at the box office, especially during the crowded summer season. But in the past two months, an unprecedented number of megabudget movies have tanked, including After Earth, The Lone Ranger, White House Down, and Pacific Rim. Those four films, along with R.I.P.D. and Turbo, collectively cost a reported $950 million to produce but have grossed only $322 million domestically. ”The new mentality at studios is becoming, ‘Okay, we want to spend $200 million to make $1 billion, as opposed to $40 million to make $150 million,”’ says Phil Contrino, chief analyst at If tentpoles keep failing, Hollywood might finally see a reason to change course.

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