Sheridan Watson
July 31, 2013 AT 05:04 PM EDT

It was the breakup heard around the world: After 19 beautiful years together, Jay-Z Jay Z dumped his hyphen.

So what’s a lonely punctuation mark to do? The movies teach us that eating ice cream and crying is the right thing to do, but what the lost hyphen really needs is to go out on the prowl and meet a new soulmate! Well, at least according to this Craigslist ad, (via The Daily Beast). The “SBH (Single Black Hyphen” has just “ended a long relationship. In fact, I was dumped … after 19 years — by someone I felt part of and thought I could trust. He used to say: ‘You complete me’.)

The poor hyphen is “still hurting,” but if you think that you can pick up the pieces that this extremely popular rapper left on the floor, then hit up this young lad who loves “walks on the beach, nights by the fire and joining two words together to create compound words .. or else just joining two parts of a guy’s name (as in “Jay-Z”). Make sure to check out the hilarious ad here.

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