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'All is Lost' trailer tests Oscar winds for Robert Redford -- VIDEO

All Is Lost Robert Redford

A lot of movies give their trailers the silent treatment, with powerful images and an evocative musical score responsible for conveying the drama. But in All Is Lost, which stars Robert Redford as an old man whose sailboat is slammed with one misfortune after another, the spare trailer accurately reflects the film, which is practically devoid of dialogue. Not that you’ll miss it, or wish there was a Bengal tiger or Wilson volleyball stowed aboard as he tries to stay alive. It’s just Redford, the camera, and the cruel winds of mother nature.

The movie, directed by J.C. Chandor (Margin Call), won raves when it premiered at Cannes in May, with some predicting an Oscar nomination for Redford, who has never won for Best Actor despite iconic turns in Butch Cassidy, The Sting, and Out of Africa.

Watch the new trailer for All Is Lost below: