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August 02, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Claws and Effect
I remember watching Hugh Jackman for the first time as Wolverine in X-Men, and I was mesmerized. He is such a dominating and believable presence on screen that I even enjoyed the much-discussed (and-maligned) X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Seeing him on your ”Summer Must List” cover only made me more excited than I already was for the new movie. He made that role his own, and I am hoping for the best with the newest installment!
Sarah Walters
Las Vegas

Company of Heroes
Nothing speaks more to the heart of a superhero fan than a four-page foldout detailing ”The 25 Greatest Superheroes Ever.” Aside from the informative and humorous blurbs, I appreciated the double appearances of certain characters for whom a single mention didn’t suffice. Plus, I thank you for including Swamp Thing.
Sam Edelstein

Wonder Twin powers…activate! Shape of: a scathing EW reader letter. How dare you knock Zan and Jayna? They may not have been top-shelf superheroes, but they were a great example of siblings working well together. When I was 10, everyone played Super Friends on the playground. We loved being the Wonder Twins and pretending to transform into things. Form of: creativity, imagination, and team-building.
Alex Thaler
Reisterstown, Md.

It Pays to Wait
Loved ”What Happens After the Credits Roll?” (Movies). To me, the best after-credits footage is in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Ten years later, you see Elizabeth and her son waiting for Will to return on the Flying Dutchman. Between the poignancy of the moment and the music, I still get goose bumps every time I see the ”real” ending of the movie!
Becky Kemp
Wescosville, Pa.

I always wait until the end credits to see if there will be a surprise. In Reversal of Fortune, after the credits, Jeremy Irons says to the stunned drugstore clerk that he’d like to buy some insulin. Then he says, ”Just kidding” in that perfect, chilling voice.
Jennifer Freers
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Of Men And Machines
In ”Fall-TV Snap Judgments” (News and Notes), you say Almost Human is about a cop and his ”part-android” partner. You can have a robot, an android (a robot that looks human), or a cyborg (a human with robot parts). You can’t really have a part-android. My friends and I debate this all the time.
Shawn Polito

The editors respond…
In the case of Almost Human, the machine in question is android through and through. Star Michael Ealy says of his character : ”Dorian looks [completely] human but has been designed and programmed based on a project called Synthetic Soul. When I think of robots, I think of mechanical, clunky pieces of metal. I feel like the difference between Dorian and other androids and especially robots is that he has been programmed to comprehend and function with free will.”

Paging a New Doctor
Matt Smith’s end-of-year exit from the TARDIS has Doctor Who fans in a tizzy about his replacement. Here, some choice picks straight from EW.com.

Hugh Laurie: With Stephen Fry as the Master. It would be one way for Hugh to avoid House typecasting. —Spandrell

Idris Elba: He may be too big a name, but my heart would be filled with unbounded joy if he became the Doctor. —Sara

Rupert Grint: He could use a good career boost, and this would be the perfect launching platform. —dalybear

Richard Madden: David Tennant proved that Scottish actors are marvelous in the role of the Doctor. —Lynn2

David Tennant: The Doctor should ”degenerate” into Tennant for a few episodes and then regenerate again. —Ken

Catherine Tate: If it were a past companion, it would have to be Donna! I miss seeing her on the show. —Susieqt79

Eddie Izzard: He’s got the comedic timing and the dramatic chops, and could bring a new quirkiness to the role. —bnohe

James Nesbitt: He’s already worked with [Who exec producer] Steven Moffat on the BBC show Jekyll. —JLC

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