Stephan Lee
August 02, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Snow Hunters

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Paul Yoon

We gave it a B+

The brief, simple sentences that form this elegant tone poem of a novel, called Snow Hunters, have the effect of making you slow down to read them — which is a fitting way to experience the story of a man unmoored by memory and time. After the Korean War, a North Korean soldier named Yohan immigrates to Brazil, where he learns how to engage with a colorful new world and new people — an old Japanese tailor, a groundskeeper, street urchins — even as his past crowds his mind. At times Yoon’s stripped-down style feels like restraint for the sake of aesthetics, but other moments perfectly capture Yohan’s reawakening spirit: ”He thought of these years as another life within the one he had. As though it were a thing he was able to carry.” B+

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