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This 'Breaking Bad' musical starring kids is the best

Breaking Bad

Yeah! Science!

With just six days left to go before the final season premiere of Breaking Bad, the Internet is just a little bit excited about the final showdown between Hank and Walt. If you’ve already completed your re-watch, the Internet has gifted you, via The Daily Dot, Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical which tells the story of how a mild-mannered chemistry teacher with cancer becomes a scary drug dealer – only this time with songs. Fun for the whole family!

It’s all the references you love (“I am the one who knocks” “Los Pollos Hermanos” “[Ding!]”) sung by children who are hopefully far too young to understand the context. A special shout-out is necessary for a suddenly-missing-half-his-face Gus and bell-ringing Tio briefly rolling across the stage. It’s all about the details.

Yo! Watch below: