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Clark Collis
August 06, 2013 AT 08:59 PM EDT

It’s hard to work out the most newsworthy bit of casting to be found in action sequel Machete Kills, given this is a film which features Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen (appearing under his birth name of Carlos Estevez), and a machine gun bra-sporting Sofia Vergara. But the winner may actually be director Robert Rodriguez‘s recruitment of Lady Gaga for the role of a hit woman called La Chameleón in the Danny Trejo-starring action sequel, which is released October 11. So how did the filmmaker snag the pop superstar for his film?

“After Machete came out, I heard her in the press saying she wished her music had been in Machete,” says Rodriguez. “She saw Machete and said she should have been a part of it. I read that and I thought, ‘Wow, she must be a fan of Machete‘  — and anyone who’s a fan of Machete I contact right away. I said, ‘If we ever do a sequel, if you’re ever interested in acting, I would love to put you in it. I think you’re an amazing performer, I bet you probably would be great as an actor. She said, ‘You know, I started as an actor but I became bigger in music.’ I said ‘Well let’s give it a shot. I’ll write you a part, you come down, you shoot it. If you like it we can keep it.’ She did a fantastic job. She’s really got the star quality.”

You can see the trailer for Machete Kills below.

Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic; Twitter.com/Versace

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