Cory Monteith is a long way from 'Glee' in 'McCanick' trailer |

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Cory Monteith is a long way from 'Glee' in 'McCanick' trailer -- VIDEO


The first trailer was just released for McCanick, in which Cory Monteith plays a drug addict just released from jail. Given that Monteith died tragically due to drug-related causes, I was reluctant to want to watch the clip.

The film stars David Morse as a detective who has a history with Monteith’s character Simon Weeks. In the short moments that feature the late actor, it looks like the role could have been a breakout for him – and a real departure from the role that made him famous on Glee. McCanick is violent and volatile, and there is absolutely no singing.

McCanick premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival – along with another of Monteith’s final films, All the Wrong Reasons – next month.