Anthony Breznican
August 16, 2013 AT 07:20 PM EDT

“If you came tonight hoping to watch The Princess Bride completely uninterrupted, you really should just leave now.”

This was Up in the Air and Juno filmmaker Jason Reitman introducing last night’s live-commentary screening of the 1987 fairy-tale satire at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As the film played out on the big screen, Reitman sat in the theater with director Rob Reiner interviewing him about the action onscreen.

“Tonight we’re trying an experiment,” Reitman told the crowd. “I thought there must be a way to take a film everyone has seen a million times, that we love, that occupies such a strong part of our hearts, and somehow get more access to what it was like actually making this film. That’s where this idea came from.”

Reiner started out by asking: “How many people here are under 30? Let me see. Raise your hand.” About a third of the moviegoers raised their hands. “Okay, so you are used to multitasking and not paying attention to anything anyway. This should be fine for you! You’ll watch, you’ll talk, you’ll text … You can play a video game. Whatever!”

“We’ll start watching the film and then, uh, see what comes out!”

Here’s what did:

1. At 60, Peter Falk thought he was too young

2. Hidden Spinal Tap easter egg

3. “As you wish” is a coded message

4. An unexpected fan: Mafia henchman

5. Robin Wright’s first day: Set on fire

6. The LEAST Sicilian Sicilian

7. Andre the Giant was fragile

8. The arsonist in the Fire Swamp

9. Buttercup was (briefly) played by a man

10. The ending that almost wasn’t

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