Samantha Highfill
August 19, 2013 AT 06:16 PM EDT

At this point, if you can’t quote Mean Girls in about 80 percent of social situations (or recite every word in under 30 minutes), you’re a little bit behind, which is bad news considering that the 2004 hit film is still spreading its pop culture influence.

The latest development, courtesy of Buzzfeed, is a Mean Girls alphabet. What makes this alphabet better than the generic one you grew up learning? Well, for one thing, it rhymes. Also, it has ESPN and can predict when it’s already raining. So all of you young parents out there can stop teaching your child that “A is for Apple” and start explaining that “A is for Aaron, whose hair looks sexy pushed back.”

Other important lessons: “M is for Mathletes, where nerds solve for Y” and “S is for Sex. You will get pregnant and die.” Okay, so maybe you want to teach them the Mean Girls alphabet once they’re a little bit older.

Regardless of when kids learn it, chances are the next generation isn’t far from wearing pink on Wednesdays. Maybe they’ll be the ones to finally make fetch happen.

Check out the full alphabet over at Buzzfeed.

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