Darren Franich
August 22, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The inevitable thing wound up happening, and the unpredictable thing remained unpredictable. Sure enough, Helen was voted out 4-1 — only Elissa, eternal companion/meatshield/Scrappy-to-her-Scooby, voted to keep Helen around. However, after Julie informed Helen about the latest twist, Helen joined fellow evictees Judd, Jessie, and Candice onstage. In a neat twist cooked up by the degenerate Scandinavian biochemists who design the Big Brother competitions, the final competition of the evening was a double competition: The four jurors were all competing for a resurrection slot, while competing alongside the current houseguests for HoH. “Balls will be thrown at each houseguest,” intoned the Chenbot, with all the gravitas of Patrick Stewart reciting Lear.

It was exciting, it was thrilling…and it was cut off after about five minutes. Which means we don’t know who’s back in the house, and we definitely don’t know who won HoH. Still, there was a lot to chew on in this episode (including what appeared to be the last temptation of Andy before he finally cast his lot with McCramda).

My full recap will be up in a few hours. UPDATE: Actually, it’s up now! In the meantime, start talking! And since Jessie was apparently in the lead before the end of the episode, let’s just imagine a beautiful world where she doesn’t completely screw everything up and comes roaring back into the house, a resurrected badass zombie player sent on a mission from her murdered castmates to take down Amanda. Basically, the plot of the movie The Crow.

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