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EW's Summer Movie Awards: Calling for your nominations!


It’s that time of year again, the time when phrases like “I can’t believe it went by so fast!” and “I’m not ready for it to be getting dark so early!” echo through the malls, halls, and cubicles. Yes, Summer 2013 is coming to a close.

We have just the thing to help you dry your eyes: The EW Summer Movie Awards. To kick it off, we need your help nominating the films, moments, actors, and actresses for movies that came out beginning with the weekend of May 3, when Iron Man 3 was released, through this weekend, with the premiere of Mortal Instruments. Take a run through the list, then hit the comments to let us know who deserves to be nominated in each of the categories and why. Come back Monday to see the full list of nominees and to vote on the winners!

Best Futuristic Suit
The Bane Memorial for Worst Accent
Best Post-Credit Sequel Tease
Worst Post-Credit Sequel Tease
Most Effective Allegory
Least Effective Allegory
Best Scene in an Otherwise Bad Movie
Worst Scene in an Otherwise Great Movie
Best Fight
Best Twist
Whitest Tank Top
Most Ridiculous Use of a Prop
Coolest Death Scene
Funniest Moment
Best Unintentionally Funny Moment
The Joseph Gordon-Levitt Award for Supporting Character Who Should Star in Their Own Movie
The Least Sexy Sex Scene
Worst Trailer for a Good Movie
Best Trailer for a Bad Movie
Best Animated Film
Best Male Chest
Best Female Chest
Best Line
Scariest Scene
The Movie You Lied About Seeing
The Moonrise Kingdom Award for Darling Indie of the Season
The Oscar Frontrunner Award
Best Bromance
Breakout Star
The Cutest Kid Award
Best Platonic Couple
Best Gross-Out Movie
The Taylor Kitsch Award for Biggest Disappointment
The Soundtrack Is Better Than the Movie Award
The Most Offensive Sequel No One Asked For Award
Best Villain
Least Chemistry
Best Tearjerker
The Chris Messina Award for Actor Who Pops Up Everywhere
Most Anticipated Fall Movie
MVP of the Summer