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Miley vs. Gaga at the VMAs: Who's the barest of them all?

Miley Nude


Who had the most provocative outfit at the VMAs? You might assume it was an easy win for Lady Gaga, but Miley Cyrus gave her a run for her NSFW money on the MTV telecast.

Gaga changed costumes multiple times during Sunday’s show and performed her single “Applause,”  stripping down from a nun’s habit to thong underwear and a seashell top that would make The Little Mermaid blush.

Then there was Miley, who twerked with teddy bears and grinded on Robin Thicke in her platinum bikini while performing “We Can’t Stop.”

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Here’s the full performance videos:

Originally posted August 26 2013 — 12:12 AM EDT

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