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Samantha Highfill
August 28, 2013 AT 02:08 PM EDT

If you’ve somehow managed to catch your breath after last night’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale, well, you’re doing better than us. But while we wait for some answers about Ezra, Ali and just about everyone in Rosewood and/or Ravenswood, we did a little investigating … mostly because we couldn’t sleep last night and were desperate for clues.

Remember when the girls found that scrapbook in the Red Coat/”A” lair? In it, they found a letter that Ali had presumably written to board shorts (who we guess is Ezra?). It’s how the Liars realized she never meant for them to come to the Cape with her that summer, but rather that Ali was hoping to spend some alone time with the older man nobody seemed to know about. Here’s what we could translate from Ali’s letter to board shorts:

“You’re taking me away [for my] birthday. And all I can do is say, yay. But you’re better with words than me. Seriously can’t believe I met you in Rosewood. I thought I knew that town. Nothing but [?] and lies. It’s best kept secret was you. But you’re my secret now. My friends wouldn’t understand. They want this to be their weekend, but I want to be the person who shows you the Cape. You can hate the ocean but I promise you’ll like the view. That’s if you’re with me. Maybe we can take a few pictures, too. Ones worth like a hundred thousand words. Our imagination can take care of the rest … for now.

Your favorite, Alison”

So what now, PopWatchers? Was this letter written to Ezra? Share your theories in the comments!

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