August 29, 2013 at 05:01 PM EDT

I am the one who..haunts?

Comedian, writer and designer Doogie Horner, who reinterpreted the spooky icon as different pop culture characters in 100 Ghosts, his book of drawings, has created a series of new ones just for Breaking Bad. Horner explores these ghosts for characters both dead and alive on the hit drama and even makes Heisenberg look downright innocent as a hovering white sheet.

“Why are people afraid of ghosts? I think it’s because ghosts say ‘boo,’ and people are afraid of criticism, but also because ghosts live in graveyards and are sometimes filled with spiders,” Horner writes in his introduction to 100 Ghosts. “But ghosts are just dead people, and most people are nice.” Just not Walter White, of course.

Scroll down for more ghostly Breaking Bad drawings.

Walter White


Skyler White

Saul Goodman

Mike Ehrmantraut

Jesse Pinkman


Hank Schrader

Gus Fring

You can find more on Doogie Horner’s work here.

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