Dan Snierson
September 04, 2013 AT 02:45 PM EDT

Futurama is about to fly into the past: By tomorrow morning, it will be the stuff of memories and reruns. But tonight at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central, we take one last new adventure ride, as the 31st-century set animated comedy unveils its series finale. (Yes, we’ve heard that before…)

In this episode, Fry asks Leela for her hand in marriage, and, as you might expect, it may not go exactly as expected. But time just might be on their side, thanks to the Professor’s new device. Or maybe this device will make things worse. Don’t ask us. We’re terrible at science and time.

What we are good at is giving you sneak peeks, so press play below to check out the opening scene from the finale. Hey, look! It’s Luna Park, which was first seen in the second episode of the show. Our optical circuits are already getting misty. Goodbye.

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