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'Gravity' trailer: In space, can anyone hear Sandra Bullock scream? -- VIDEO

From the first second of the just-released Gravity trailer, viewers are put right inside Sandra Bullock’s space suit – and it’s beyond terrifying. The actress relays a mixture of helplessness, fear, and confusion as her astronaut, Dr. Ryan Stone, goes hurtling through space with nothing in sight but stars and a distant Earth. She also has the dulcet tones of George Clooney’s voice in her ear, but even that can’t calm her down.

The two-minute-plus trailer is the longest look yet at the Alfonso Cuarón-directed space thriller, but we’re still left wondering just what a feature-length version of this story will look like. Take a sneak peek here:

Gravity arrives in theaters Oct. 4, just in time for awards season.

Originally posted September 4 2013 — 8:34 PM EDT

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