Andrew Asare
September 09, 2013 AT 07:23 PM EDT

Whether they make you laugh or gasp, we’ve all witnessed beloved performers take a tumble onstage. Carrie Underwood was able to instantly recover from her recent fall, like the pro that she is. Take a look at five other celebs who recovered from what could have been really bad spills:

Taylor Swift: It’s nothing but a hair flip for Taylor Swift. When the singer strutted down a stairway and took one too many steps, she slipped on her foot and fell on stage — then got back up, using her backdrop for balance before delivering a fiery ending to her hit “Forever & Always.”

Beyoncé: Bey is the ultimate professional. Even when she falls, it looks like a strategic choreographed move from heaven. When she tumbled face-first down a staged stairway during a concert in 2007, it looked like she could have gotten a serious head injury — but the Queen shook it off aggressively, with her signature mane and long trench coat waving in the wind.

Bono: Back on up, back on up — oops! That’s exactly what happened when Bono fell feet first into the crowd during a moment with bandmate The Edge. Not to worry: The singer recouped and maintained his cool, rejoining his partner in crime for a great arena performance.

Katy Perry: After taking a plunge in a huge pink cake post I Kissed a Girl, the “Roar” singer — smothered in pink icing — tried to bounce back, throwing some creamy pink sweets on her bandmates and walking toward the audience. Too bad Perry’s attempt to catch her balance after being covered in icing was a slippery mess.

Jennifer Lopez: J.Lo’s stunt during the 2009 American Music Awards — in which she jumped off a background dancer’s back — could have landed her in the hospital for a couple of days. But consummate professional Lopez bounced back and used her resources (ahem) — landing on her derriere.

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