Annie Barrett
September 10, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The votes are in, Ameriker! So You Think You Can Dance‘s season 10 winners spoke to EW directly following tonight’s finale (read our full recap here). SPOILERS ahead…



The 19-year-old Michigan native didn’t expect to win against fellow contemporary dancer Jasmine Harper. “Jasmine has the longest legs possible, and she’s like the humblest person I’ve ever met,” Yakima told EW. “It felt really amazing to be dancing with that type of person at the end.”

Amy and Fik-Shun (the winning guy) had been paired up for much of season 10. As for who else she’d love to partner during this fall’s season 10 tour, the answer is anyone and everyone. “Especially Paul [Karmiryan] — he’s such a versatile dancer and he brings so much passion.”

As she’s been partnering since she was little, the format of SYTYCD (mostly pair dances) wasn’t such a big leap. “I don’t actually love solos,” Yakima said. “I love sharing the stage with someone and feeling their energy — that’s where the magic happens. That’s one thing I would stress to a young dancer, is to learn how to partner, because you can be a solo dancer and only go so far as you wanna go.” Giving into the possibility of a shared vibe onstage and letting oneself be vulnerable, she said, is what dancing’s all about.

Amy, who’s always wanted to have a big family because that’s what she had growing up, would ultimately love to create her own dance company with her life/dance partner. “But, I mean, anything else — I have so much time to get to that,” she said. “I’d love to do music videos, do tours, do little performances anywhere. Just to be able to dance is what I wanna do. If I can use dance as a career, I’m gonna do that, no matter what it is.”


Fik-Shun was floored. “I’m just soooooooo, so happy,” he said. “Honestly, I was expecting to be second, because I was in the bottom once. A lot of things went through my head…but at the end of the day, I put it all on the dance floor. It was never like, Aaron this or me that. We were always in it together.” And his partnership with Amy felt so right, he said, and a little surreal. “Yeahhhhh, like, that psyched me out,” he raved. “To think that from day one, when we got partnered up, that we would make it all the way? I was just, like, in shock. I’m so, so happy we had that.”

Partnering trained dancers on a reality show was a far cry from what the Las Vegas street performer, 19, was used to, but he’s grateful for a new awareness of his ability. “I feel like it just gives me another weapon in my arsenal now,” he said. “It just hits me — I can use this. And I think over the weeks I got kinda good at it. Like whoa, I was a good partner! It made me really happy,” he said. “I’m always glad to do my own thing, but now I just know I’m capable of doing more.”

Fik-Shun’s ultimate dream job? “Constantly doing commercial work, movies, live shows,” he said. “Just any role where I can shine a little bit and people can connect, but on just a bigger scale. That would be awesome.”

Stay tuned for’s full finale recap… here it is!

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