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Who will die by the end of 'Breaking Bad'? An oddsmaker gives his take

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After the ending of last week’s Breaking Bad episode, things aren’t exactly looking good for some of our favorite characters. Hank, considering he just had what could very easily be his final conversation with Marie, could be on his way out, and let’s not forget that Todd’s uncle originally brought his boys out to kill Jesse. And then there’s the fact that Walt’s cancer is back. So with only three episodes left, is anyone going to make it out of New Mexico alive?

The short answer is: We have no idea, which is why we turned to someone who has a little bit more experience with odds than we do. Kevin Bradley, a sportsbook manager for Bovada, is a huge fan of the show and was willing to take the time to give us what he believes are the hypothetical odds that Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Saul, and Hank will die before the series ends:

Walter White
Yes: -200 (1/2)
No: +150 (3/2)
Translation: The odds are IN favor of Walt dying before by series end.

Jesse Pinkman
Yes: -150 (2/3)
No: +110 (11/10)
Translation: There’s a small favor that Jesse WILL die.

Skyler White
Yes: +200 (2/1)
No: -300 (1/3)
Translation: Skyler lives.

Hank Schrader
Yes: EVEN (1/1)
No: -140   (5/7)
Translation: The odds are closest on Hank, but he’s favored to live.

Saul Goodman
Yes: +150 (3/2) if you bet 100 you win 150 more
No: -200 (1/2) have to bet 200 to win 100
Translation: Saul lives.

To sum it up: Jesse and Walt could be goners, but Skyler, Hank, and Saul might actually have a future ahead of them. Do you agree, PopWatchers? Will Hank somehow survive the shootout? Will Jesse?