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September 13, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Mother Love
Not since your 2001 Friends Ultimate Viewer’s Guide (which I saved in my bottom desk drawer) have I been this excited about an in-depth TV story. With its strong cast, long-running jokes, and quirky storytelling style, How I Met Your Mother has proved that sitcoms can be hilarious while tugging at your heartstrings.
Trisha Young

I have always enjoyed your magazine. It keeps me informed as to what is up and what is not in the entertainment industry. I can hold my own at the water fountain, and my picks for book club are always spot-on. However, dedicating 16 pages to ”The Mother of All Goodbyes” was a bit much, even for me.
Bea Rush

Laying It On Thicke
Miley Cyrus is a performance artist, and like any good one, she is going to take risks (News and Notes). If we demonize every performer whose work doesn’t pass muster with June and Ward Cleaver, then good performances are going to be few and far between. Who needs to be told that MTV isn’t exactly the Catholic Church Channel? And Lordy, gender bias is alive and well in the USA: With so much day-after vitriol being heaped on the woman, did anyone notice that Robin Thicke was on that stage with her?
Sean C. Nettle
Homewood, Ill.

Antiheroine Worship
I don’t understand how you made it all the way through your antiheroine essay (TV) without any American Horror Story mentions. You want redemption? Look at Sister Jude! And while I don’t know much about the upcoming season, it’s about a coven of witches. Antiheroines abound! (Probably.)
Kelcey Arnold
Portsmouth, N.H.

Holy Casting News!
You’re absolutely right, EW, that Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger both faced the same kind of scorn regarding their announced roles in past Batman films (News and Notes). Plus, Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig got the same reactions before Interview With the Vampire and the James Bond movies.
Bob Canning
Petaluma, Calif.

You do those who object to Ben Affleck‘s casting a great disservice by painting them all as disciples of Christopher Nolan. My displeasure over Affleck’s casting stems from the simple fact that he doesn’t possess the acting chops.
Alison Daniels
Ellicott City, Md.

The documentary Salinger, now in select theaters, runs 2 hours and 9 minutes (Books).

EW Poll: Battle of the Boy Bands
”I entered the Backstreet party back in 1996 and don’t see myself leaving,” said one reader of the Backstreet Boys, winners of EW.com’s Boy Bands contest. Other readers lobbied hard for their faves.

Jackson 5
”The answer to which boy band reigns supreme will always be the Jackson 5, the template upon which all subsequent boy bands were created.” —the girl

”’I Thought She Knew’ and ‘O Holy Night’ by *NSYNC are some of the best five-part harmonies I’ve ever heard! Gives me chills every time. YouTube it!” —Lolita

”As much as I freaking love *NSYNC, I’m also a huge Blockhead. I have yet to see another group of guys who look that good. —Crystal

Take That
I’d pick England’s Take That any day over any of the boy bands in this poll. Just love their music and their shows — from back in the day up to their current stuff. —Cat

You Tweet, We Listen
Readers weighed in on True Blood and American Idol
”@EW this does not make me happy. First Dexter now #TrueBlood. I miss Eric already.” —@GLAMROCKGIRLIE

”Does anyone care anymore? I’m Idol’d out. ”@EW: Official: J. Lo and Harry Connick Jr. join ‘American Idol’ ow.ly/ovVDL” —@ALANBROOKS3

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