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Invasion of the Amells

Cousins Stephen Amell, 32, and Robbie Amell, 25, grew up having pool parties; now, with back-to-back shows on The CW (''Arrow,'' ''The Tomorrow People''), they'll share something cooler: Amell Wednesdays

What’s the most heroic thing you’ve seen each other do in real life?
Robbie (star of The Tomorrow People) I didn’t see him do it, but [in early 2005] Stephen tried to stop a fight on the street in Toronto and ended up getting a bottle smashed over his head. He stopped the fight from happening with his skull. I think that’s a pretty badass, heroic thing to do.
Stephen (star of Arrow) I was successful, retrospectively, but at the time it didn’t feel that way. I had some staples in the back of my head…. I think we’ve teamed up for some pretty heroic beer-pong runs.
Robbie Oh my goodness, Stephen and I are, for lack of a better word, phenomenal at beer pong.
Stephen We egg each other on because of our hypercompetitive nature.
Robbie What did we have, like, 11 wins in one night one time?

Do you have a bet on who will have the most shirtless scenes this year?
Robbie Oh, Stephen will win for sure. How many episodes are you shirtless?
Stephen I’m shirtless in 40 percent of the episodes so far.
Robbie Oh, okay. I’m actually winning this battle.
Stephen You are.
Robbie But it’s the first season. The second season, it’ll slow down a bit.
Stephen You know what, though? Business could pick up. There’s no telling.

Greg Berlanti, who exec-produces both of your shows, told us a quality he sometimes wishes you didn’t have in common was liking to do your own stunts: ”Something happens to them, and you’re done.”
Stephen In the third episode this year, I’m running through a field and explosions are going off, and when I got up from one take, everyone had come up from behind the monitors and was staring and legitimately thought that I had been blown up and the show was over. I was perfectly fine.
Robbie I haven’t gotten blown up yet, but I’m hoping for something like that. That sounds awesome.

A friend of yours coined the term ”Amell Wednesdays,” which already has its own hashtag, Twitter page, and website. What can we expect as we get closer to the premiere?
Robbie There’s going to be an Amell Wednesdays salmon ladder that you can buy.
Stephen We haven’t had a chance to suss out what we’re going to do.
Robbie As of right now, my girlfriend has made some shirts for some of our friends, just kind of as a joke, and people have been commenting, saying they want one. We gave one to Berlanti.

Stephen, where does Robbie fall on the list of people you’ll call to babysit?[Stephen’s wife, Cassandra Jean, is expecting their first child later this year.]
Stephen Well, we live super close to each other in Vancouver.
Robbie If I ran to his place, I could be there in 48 seconds. But this is the most we’ve spoken in a couple weeks. Football Sundays will bring us together.
Stephen I’ll host Football Sundays, and I said he has a place to stay and free food and free drink — he just has to change one diaper, that’s it. Without a word of protest, he just needs to get up and change a poopy diaper, and that’ll be fine.
Robbie I’m still thinking about it.