Dan Snierson
September 13, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Describe Kimmie in two words or less.
Super hot? That was the wrong answer. Socially awkward.

In one scene in the pilot, you rip your skirt, and in another your dress gets torn, revealing a flashing bra-and-panties set. Where do you go from there?
The reason I like clothes-ripping gags is that I’m always splitting pants. When I first came to America, I had lunch with Jason Segel. I wore my best leather jacket. It was at Chateau Marmont and they have cane furniture, and a little bit of cane was sticking out and I went to sit down, and the cane got into my leather jacket and went [makes ripping sound]. Just embarrassing stuff like that always happens to me, so I wanted to put it in the show.

Whether in Bridesmaids or on this show, you have no problem letting it all hang out. When did you lose your vanity?
I don’t think I ever had vanity. We wore uniforms in high school, but we’d have things called ”mufti days” where you could wear whatever you want. And I looked back at this photo — I was wearing baggy jeans and a Bugs Bunny T-shirt and obviously hadn’t brushed my hair…. In real life I’m quite feral-looking.

Why should we watch Super Fun Night and not, say, the second half of Law & Order: SVU or Criminal Minds?
You know that in SVU they’re going to find out who did it because they’re excellent cops, so why not switch the channel to Super Fun Night and laugh? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Criminal Minds, but I think an Australian stars in th — no, that’s The Mentalist. Different one. Do they have people in flashing bras? SVU is pretty serious. And if there is someone in a flashing bra, they’re, like, an Asian prostitute who’s been murdered, so it’s not as fun.

Super Fun Night was originally developed at CBS, but the network passed and ABC bought it. What was your favorite network note?
I had this amazing stuff in the pilot about a dolphin rape. One of the girls went on a holiday to the Bahamas and got raped by a dolphin, which you can see videos of on YouTube. It’s not actual rape; it’s dolphin rape, where you’re trying to touch the dolphin but then the dolphin jumps out of the water and kinda humps you — it’s really funny. Both networks rejected it, and I said, ”But it’s not real rape, it’s dolphin rape.” I argued this for 45 minutes. They go, ”Well, try to say she was mounted by a dolphin or she was assaulted by a dolphin,” and I’m like, ”That’s not as funny as saying she was raped by a dolphin.” It seemed so stupid, but I get into long battles about jokes with them. When you see the character Kendall [Kate Jenkinson], who is a very tall girl, just know that her backstory is that she got raped by a dolphin. We may never be able to mention that, but it is true.

Super Fun Night
New Comedy, 9:30 p.m., ABC
Aussie breakout Rebel Wilson stars on this comedy (exec-produced by Conan O’Brien) as Kimmie, a dorky, sweet soul who hangs out at home with her nerdy friends (Lauren Ash and Liza Lapira). When she gets promoted at her law firm, though, Kimmie pushes the trio to get off the couch and into clubs. ”I just love underdog characters,” says Wilson. ”What we want is for people to watch this show on Wednesday nights, and then on the weekends they’re encouraged to go out. The message of the show is: Who cares if you’re not the prettiest or most popular chick? You can also have fun. You don’t have to be sitting at home…except on Wednesdays.” Oct. 2

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