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NSYNC's VMA reunion: Lance Bass and Joey Fatone reveal the glitch we didn't see -- VIDEO

It’s been a few years – more than a decade, actually – since NSYNC wrapped their final tour, 2001’s PopOdyssey. So it was to be expected at the group’s brief VMA reunion, during Justin Timberlake’s career-spanning performance, that there could be a few hiccups onstage. What the guys couldn’t plan for, however, was the technical glitch that gave Chris Kirkpatrick some extra (accidental) time in the spotlight.

Lance Bass and Joey Fatone paid a visit to E!’s Hello Ross on Friday and revealed why there were reports of a “catfight” between Bass and Kirkpatrick at last month’s awards show. What really went down? Check out the video below:

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Originally posted September 15 2013 — 3:44 PM EDT

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