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Samantha Highfill
September 17, 2013 AT 06:03 PM EDT

After Sunday’s traumatizing episode of Breaking Bad, we are now more confused than ever. So in our desperate search for answers, we have once again reached out to the experts. We already talked to an oddsmaker about everyone’s chances of survival — sorry, Hank — but what about the many other possibilities for how this show could end? Like what will happen with the money? Could Walt and/or Jesse actually end up behind bars?

Well, thanks to Rupert Adams, spokesman for William Hill, we have a few more numbers for you.

First up, what are the odds that (insert character) will walk away with the money?

Walt: Even Money

Jesse: +150

Saul: +150

Todd: +400

Now, with Hank out of the mix, what are the odds Lydia confesses to the cops, therefore screwing Walt over? +200

What are the odds that Walt and/or Jesse ends up in prison? +150

So we could be in for “money changing hands,” “betrayal,” “cops,” and “prison suits,” Adams said in an email. His final prediction: Jesse goes to prison and perhaps Saul walks away with the money!

Do you agree? Do you see prison in Jesse and/or Walt’s future? What are your predictions for how the series will end? Sound off in the comments!

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