Hillary Busis
September 19, 2013 AT 04:05 PM EDT

The good news for Appleholics: iOS7 is finally here!

The bad news for Appleholics: It’s not exactly here-here, at least for large numbers of disgruntled users.

TechCrunch writes that “legions” of iPhone users are “stuck in iOS 7 activation limbo,” likely due to overloaded activation servers. The problem is reportedly so bad that Apple has issued an internal high priority alert about server issues to its employees, according to Apple Insider.

Official stats revealing either the number of users affected by the server issue or the number of users that have successfully installed the upgrade don’t seem to be available. But according to this nifty widget created by mobile analytics firm Mixpanel, since the new OS was released at 1 p.m. ET Wednesday, about 29 percent of Apple mobile users have made the switch from older operating systems to iOS 7.

That ever-growing minority is now enjoying a passel of brand-new features, including a modern, flat design aesthetic, a brand-new Control Center, and increased Siri functionality. Not everything about iOS 7 is a hit, though — CNN Money complains that its expanded “Notification Center” is “more bloated and confusing than its previous iteration,” while iMore cautions users to hold off on updating for now, mainly because old apps may not yet work with iOS 7. Older devices, like original iPads and any phones released before the iPhone 4, won’t be able to run the new OS either.

So tell us: Despite activation issues and possible app-related growing pains, have you taken the plunge into iOS 7? Or are you waiting — for a few days, a few weeks, or possibly forever?

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