Erin Strecker
September 19, 2013 AT 10:34 PM EDT

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Broadway and High School Musical vet Corbin Bleu can move — he proved as much with his debut on Dancing With The Stars Monday night. And, as he tells EW, his stint on the show was a long time in the making. “I visited the show several time [when] Monique Coleman was on, [as well as with] Sabrina Bryan and Kyle Massey,” he explained. “I got to fall in love with the show and the format. And then I met [partner] Karina about four years ago, and she since then has been saying, ‘Come on the show! I’d love to have you as my partner!’ I finally decided the time was right right now, and it worked out perfectly that I was with Karina.”

Below, Bleu takes EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test and fills us in on the TV show that makes him cry, why he was way too young when he first saw Rain Man, and why he still has a soft spot for Home Alone. Watch below:

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