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September 19, 2013 AT 07:31 PM EDT

What’s in the box?!

At this week’s Face Off Foundation Challenge, the ten remaining contestants were each presented with a small package that contained a set of teeth. Guest judge Valli O’Reilly (Alice in Wonderland, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) advised the group that she wanted “to see a little bit of a human in the make-up,” and not to make their creations too “cartoon-y.” Season three’s Roy Wooley’s diseased reptile boy, was declared the winner and awarded immunity from elimination.

Next up was a Halloween-themed Spotlight Challenge. Each group was tasked with re-imagining creatures of the night based on classic Halloween characters like vampires, scary clowns, skeletons, and devils. The twist: Each creation had to include a special gimmick like a blood gag or LED lights.

Wooley’s lava devil and newbie Laney Parkhurst’s graphic clown were among the top looks, but ultimately season one’s Tate Steinsiek won for his “artistic and beautiful” skeleton. Meanwhile, season three’s Alana Schiro and newbies Scott Ramp and Lyma Millot wound up in the bottom. In the end, Millot was sent home due to her “lack of anatomical accuracy” and “odd sculptural decisions.”

Millot, who is currently in Mexico shooting a film, e-mailed us from set to address what it was like being a part of the show, what she would have done differently in her challenge, and what she’s been working on since filming wrapped.

Entertainment Weekly: What was it like being on the show?

Lymari “Lyma” Millot: [It was a] great experience.

What was it like to compete against veteran Face Off contestants?

[It was] ridiculously unfair. I did learn a couple of tricks [from the] other newcomers. I am in touch with all of [the newbies still].

What was it like having Valli O’Reilly on the show this week? Did you learn anything from her?

We always learned something from invited guests. This week was inspiring. Halloween is a makeup art day.

What was your initial reaction to this week’s Halloween-themed Spotlight Challenge?

[I felt] motivated, [but] I was over exhausted at that point. I love vampires and I felt motivated to create one, although physically, I was a little down.

Is there anything you’d do different if you could do the challenge again? Did you agree with the feedback from the judges?

No. I would do everything the same. Yes, we have to agree with the judges. This is a competition and they decide [the outcome]. It’s the way it is established.

Who are you personally rooting for in the competition?

All of them. They are my friends.

What are you working on now that filming has wrapped?

My own life.

What is your ultimate goal in the industry?

Same as before. [I hope to] work and make dreams [my dreams] come true.

Face Off airs Tuesday’s on the Syfy channel at 9/8c.

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