Shirley Li
September 23, 2013 AT 09:21 PM EDT

Leave it to Breaking Bad to bring financial journalism and Hollywood together. The New York Times‘ Andrew Ross Sorkin clearly enjoyed the shout-out to his column during last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, so much so that he took the time to write a nearly 500-word fictional piece dedicated to the matter.

Gray Matter, that is. Last night’s episode — spoilers ahead — saw Charlie Rose interviewing Walter White’s former colleagues Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz of Gray Matter Technologies about a Sorkin column questioning their company’s grant for drug treatment centers and their ties to Mr. White himself. Sorkin then ran with the premise today and penned the story, titled “Breaking Bad: The Gray Matter of Charity.” Here’s an excerpt:

Maybe it is cynical to suggest, but the timing and backstory of the grant is raising red flags among some investors on Wall Street and prompting some to ask: Is the donation a publicity stunt meant to mask troubling news about the company?

Little known except to a small cadre of industry insiders, the Schwartzes have been scrambling in recent weeks to keep a long-running secret from being revealed. Gray Matter’s stock has sunk over the last week as speculation has mounted that the company could be tied to a drug kingpin in Albuquerque who has made national headlines: Walter White, the former chemistry teacher turned international methamphetamine dealer known as “Heisenberg.”

You can head over to Sorkin’s full column here. Meanwhile, a round of applause is in order for Mr. Sorkin — a fictional column referencing scenes we’ve seen on the show? That’s true dedication to television.

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