Annie Barrett
September 23, 2013 AT 04:10 AM EDT

If you were too caught up in the mandated Death Grip of the 2013 Emmys, you may have missed its most sparkling moments — its hidden gems, if you will. (Hidden Gemmys? No! Terrible!) After the break: Claire Danes cackling behind Amy and Tina, choice reaction shots from Jeff Daniels, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul, Kevin Spacey’s show-stealer, and more…

Neil Patrick Harris vs. Marnie in Girls: Who wore a creepy TV tunnel best?

Claire Danes acts out how we’d all probably react if we were in this close proximity to Tina and Amy.

Jeff Daniels’ ‘brave face’ following Elton John’s Tribute to Shimmer was much, much better than mine.

Jon Hamm and Alec Baldwin sternly consider the new Salt-N-Pepa reality show they had not realized was the logical next step in their careers.

“Hey, guess what else is on?” Bryan Cranston mind-controlled us exactly at 9:01.

24: Brad Hines

Astute PopWatcher Denise Warner noticed Mindy Kaling’s Emmys hair was very Jennifer Ehle in Pride and Prejudice.

The fine print of the “Excessive Hosting” bit had few gems, but one “sequins.”

Jane Lynch’s intriguing noose necklace offered a glimmer of hope in a muddle of grimness.

Aaron Paul reacts to Bobby Cannavale’s Supporting Actor win. “Nice speech, bitch!”

#MikeIsNotImpressed either.

Skyler and Walt patched things up! #SPOILERS

Breaking Bad‘s Hidden Gemmys sweep continues with a random METH DUBSTEP BREAKDOWN during the Emmy Choreographers’ group number. A sharp turn.

Ellyn Burstyn’s Emmy just looks so cozy. She’s such a pro.

And just as we felt as rocked to sleep as that statue…

“Bottom or top?” Jon Hamm (and Joan!) were clearly thinking “Both.” re:  Michael Douglas’ segment-saving inquiry.

Andrew Cooper

It’s always time for a standing thumbs up for — and from — Louis CK.

‘I. Want. This. VALIDATED!” –Kevin Spacey, not-speaking for all of us.

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