James Hibberd
September 25, 2013 AT 06:57 PM EDT

A Tintype artifact. A ménage à snake. A hellish brawl.

There are some stunning ads for fall TV shows this year. We’ve probably never given out more A-level grades. And then there’s CBS’ We Are Men’s neck tendons and NBC’s Chicago Fire‘s pre-heated oven ad and others that missed the mark. Below is the link to our annual snarky-yet-sincere TV Ads Graded gallery, where we critique the marketing posters that networks bombard viewers with each fall. This year had 47 ads from broadcast and cable shows — and one got an extremely rare A+. Let us know in the comments under each poster what you think. LAUNCH FALL TV ADS GRADED GALLERY

Which ads did you think were the best? Pick your Top 5 below:

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The usual disclaimers: We’re critiquing the posters, not the shows — the feelings for each can be tough to separate, but we do our best. The more shows a network has to launch, the less time and money they can typically spend on each show — so a network like HBO or FX with only a couple shows in the fall have a distinct advantage in this gallery over an NBC or ABC that have to launch new shows practically every night (Lucky 7 didn’t even get key art!).

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