Lanford Beard
September 25, 2013 AT 08:31 PM EDT

Any loyal Challenge viewer knows lots of shenanigans go down when the kids aren’t on the battlefield. In this exclusive, never-before-seen clip, Frank and Cooke take part in some of those shenanigans. Somewhere between circus camp-style tandem yoga poses, Frank’s declaration, “I’m walking you by your vagina,” and a good old-fashioned pantsing, it’s unclear whether the twosome ever really pinpoints what exactly the endgame is in this bizarro training ritual.

Then again, considering San Diego 2 alum Frank and Las Vegas 2 roomie Cooke have both identified as bisexual in the past, perhaps it’s a newfangled mating dance? Is this what the kids consider courting these days? Judge for yourself below, then sound off in the comments. (I could use the insight!)

The Challenge: Rivals II finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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