Hillary Busis
September 27, 2013 AT 07:42 PM EDT

Yoga Journal lists 38 benefits of regular yoga practice — including improved flexibility, increased strength, and better lymph drainage (which, eww).

Nowhere on the list is “a decreased desire to write expletive-filled homophobic tweets” — but perhaps Alec Baldwin will discover that as a side perk.

As Vanity Fair revealed yesterday, Baldwin has a cameo in Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga, an upcoming fitness DVD starring his wife Hilaria. (She gave birth to their daughter, Carmen Gabriela, in August.) “I did most of my yoga on my own, but he definitely helped me out,” the yogi explained to VF. “Aches and pains are a normal part of pregnancy, and he was really great at helping me alleviate them through yoga stretches.”

He’s also really great at staring stoically before grunting an awkward response to his wife’s “thank you.” Watch below; you might even learn something!

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