Ray Rahman
September 27, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

You guys have played every festival from Coachella to Glastonbury this year, and you’ve got dates through October. That’s a lot of time on the tour bus — do you all get into DVDs?
Ezra Koenig We do like the kind of lesser Owen Wilson movies. And there was a time when I was watching the first few seasons of Martin. I usually watch that before the show, and then later maybe watch some Sopranos or something.

Will the band be covering ”Blurred Lines” again on tour?
Chris Thomson Well, it’s tough…
EK It’s the song of the summer.
CT And this is a fall tour, so it would be somewhat anachronistic. [Laughs]

You’ve done SNL three times now. Are you aiming for the Five-Timers Club?
EK It’s been amazing that we even got to do it three times. Making the Five-Timers Club seems unlikely, but Paul Simon, I think, has performed on SNL more than any other musician, and we’ve been compared to him more than any other musician, so…maybe it’s in our favor.
CT But if we do, Lord willing, I doubt they’ll call in the Tom Hanks cameo.

Speaking of TV, Steve Buscemi [a distant relative of bassist Chris Baio] directed a broadcast of one of your concerts recently. Any chance of a Boardwalk Empire cameo?
EK We’re such modern guys, I think it would just ruin the vibe. [Laughs] Though Chris and I are from New Jersey…
CT I’d rather hold out for the Sopranos reunion Christmas special.

You’ve also been vocal about loving Game of Thrones, which has a tradition of inviting musicians to the show.
CT Specifically drummers! I’m just putting it out there: any part they want to have me for. I can grow a great beard. I can even shave parts of it off to be a little bit crazier.

At the VMAs, you two introduced One Direction and sang a snippet of their ”Best Song Ever.” Did you meet them?
EK We were about to buy them some drinks, but then Lady Gaga swooped in and gave them a pep talk or something. She was still butt-ass naked.

Your bandmate Rostam Batmanglij’s mom is a noted culinary figure. Does he ever cook for the band?
CT His only weapon on the bus is a microwave and a sink of nonpotable water, so it’s kind of hard to really cook it up.
EK We all came up together eating chicken fingers at Columbia [University], so we stay true to our roots.

It’s been well documented that babies like your music. Do you guys like babies?
CT Vampire Weekend is solidly pro-babies.
EK I saw a baby a few weeks ago, and it was really cute. And it got me thinking, like, babies are all right. But I’m more excited for them to grow up and herald our comeback in 20 years.

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