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'Parks and Recreation' premiere: The footage that you DIDN'T get to see of Andy at Stonehenge -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Last night’s delightful season premiere of Parks and Recreation took us all the way to England, where Leslie (Amy Poehler) was celebrated for her achievements in local government. It was a bittersweet episode, of course, as we only got to see a few seconds of a disoriented Andy (Chris Pratt) at Stonehenge. If only that scene were a little long— what’s that? There are another 74 seconds of footage from that (pre)historic encounter?

Check out a bonus outtake from that scene, as Andy offers up a fascinating history lesson on the famous monument and bravely attempts to name the other Seven Wonders of the World. 

Originally posted September 27 2013 — 11:30 AM EDT

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