Miley Cyrus's mom defends herself in documentary clip |

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Where has Miley's mother been? 'Right beside her,' according to doc -- VIDEO

For the past few months, wild child Miley Cyrus has provoked one question from professional pearl-clutchers: “Where on Earth is that poor girl’s mother?!” (And fine, maybe one more: “Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!”)

The answer? “My mom is my homie,” Miley says in a clip from her upcoming MTV documentary. “If I win, she wins — not because she’s my manager; because she’s my mom.”

As for “anyone that’s ever said, ‘Where’s her mother?’” adds Tish Cyrus, the answer is “right beside her — through good, through bad, through arguments, through crying, through I don’t care what — right there.” Though foam finger thrusting, through naked pendulum swinging, through hour upon hour of tongue aerobics…

Miley’s new album, Bangerz, is currently streaming on iTunes; her MTV special, Miley: The Movement, premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET. Oh, and don’t forget that the girl is also hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend – no doubt with Tish right by her side.