Jennifer Arellano
October 09, 2013 AT 05:27 PM EDT

Looks like this Saturday is going to be a good night to die hard as Bruce Willis will be hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Katy Perry.

Refusing to believe that Willis is also just another family man actor, Cecily Strong informs him that “a group of evil geniuses have taken over Rockefeller Center. You have to save us!” Yet Willis nonchalantly responds by whipping out his cell phone and dialing 9-1-1. “Oh-h, Yippie-Yi-Kayay, Motherhumpers,” says Strong.

It’s also Strong’s first time in a promo. “Great job, Bruce, are you excited?! This is first time they let me do promo. I’m still figuring it out!” she screams.

Watch Cecily come on strong to Willis below.

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