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Oh, just Coolio crashing a college party and singing 'Gangsta's Paradise' -- VIDEO

Is Coolio the new Bill Murray?

These English college students would answer “yes.” Earlier this week, University of Central Lancashire attendee Olivia Johnson-Aley ran into the rapper, who offered to cook for her and her housemates the following night. According to Johnson-Aley, “that’s exactly what happened” – and partway through the night, she and her pals “decided to take a break from the cooking and have a jam session.” Clearly, too much television watching got her chasing dreams – but in this case, those dreams came true.

Dope. Though I’ve got to agree with YouTube commenter 703tomato: “ROTATE YOUR PHONE ROTATE YOUR PHONE ROTATE YOUR PHONE.” (One girl present recorded the jam session horizontally; we’ll add in her video if/when it gets posted online.)